Potrebni volonteri na arheološkom lokalitetu Desa u Rumuniji

Od 26. jula do 20. avgusta vršiće se arheološka iskopavanja na lokalitetu Desa u Rumuniji. Desa se nalazi JI od grada Krajove a lokalitet je na samoj obali Dunava.

Položaj lokaliteta Desa

U pitanju je kamp varijanta smeštaja pa će vam biti potreban šator kao i 50 evra za troškove hrane i pića.

Ukoliko ste zainteresovani da se pridružite ekipi obratite se:

Dr. Florin Ridiche – florinridiche@yahoo.com
Marius Bâsceanu – mariusbasceanu@yahoo.com
Desa Archaeological site – https://www.facebook.com/DesaArchaeologicalSite

Originalan tekst poziva:

Desa Archaeological Project is looking for volunteers for the exacavations between 26 july-20 august 2013! Are you looking for travel and adventure? Are you wanting to get your hands dirty in an archaeological dig? Why don’t you combine a vacation or a summer of study with being an archaeological volunteer togheter with us at Desa arcaheological site. Our voluntary Archaeology Projects offer you the opportunity to get some quality, professional work-experience in a truly fascinating area – Desa (Dolj county, Romania), right on the Danube shore. Desa archaeological sites is the wildest in romania, as the nearest populated placeis at 12 km away. No prior archaeological experience or training is needed. All it takes is a burning desire to reach into the past and be willing to learn, participate and get a little dusty. But there are also some minimum requirements:
– Minimum age: 17 or 18
– a commitment of one or two weeks of participation.
– Unfortunately, there are no dig fees.
– We cannot pay for your travel to Craiova, but we can give you free acommodation the night before we live to Desa. So, you have to arrive in Craiova at least the night before we leave – that’s 25 July.
– The arcaheological camp is based on do-it-yourself principles, so these are the things you will need to have on you: 50 euros for the food and drinks; a tent; a swimming suit; boots; slippers, anti-mosquitoes spray.