Cartography and Geography (Geoarchaeology article collection)

GeoarchaeologyCartography and Geography

A geomorphic framework for understanding the surface archaeological record in arid environments
Patricia C. Fanning, Simon J. Holdaway and Ed J. Rhodes
Geodinamica Acta

Developing a geovisual analytics environment for investigating archaeological events: Extending the space–time cube
Otto Huisman, Irvin Feliciano Santiago, Menno-Jan Kraak and Bas Retsios
Cartography and Geographic Information Science

Experiments to examine the situated nature of geoscientific concepts
Boyan Brodaric and Mark Gahegan
Spatial Cognition and Computation

    Geographical visualization: Past, present and future development
W. Cartwright, S. Miller and C. Pettit
Journal of Spatial Science

    Historical geomorphology and geoarchaeology in the Southwestern Makgadikgadi Basin, Botswana
David M. Helgren
Annals of the Association of American Geographers

    Investigation of holocene blown-sand movement based on archaeological findings and OSL dating, Danube-Tisza Interfluve, Hungary
Diána Nyári, Tímea Kiss & György Sipos
Journal of Maps

    Review of an archaeological and geomorphological survey of the Luangwa Valley, Zambia by Dan Colton
Pamela Willoughby

    Sequential displacement and grouping of point symbols in a mobile context
Janne Kovanen and L. Tiina Sarjakoski
Journal of Location Based Services

    The dynamics of a riverine civilization: A geoarchaeological perspective on the Nile Valley, Egypt
Fekri A. Hassan
World Archaeology

    The quest for a new museum—a cartography of the shifting organizations of collaboration in the case of the New Acropolis Museum
Sofia Paisiou and Joris Ernest Van Wezemael
Engineering Project Organization Journal